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Model Sheet: Hubert von Clackenbottom, Esq. by Lizerology Model Sheet: Hubert von Clackenbottom, Esq. by Lizerology
College year: 1, 2nd semester
Course: Traditional Animation I

The model sheet for my assigned animal I had to make into a character and animate a couple times.

I chose the common adult and intelligent type of owl over cute or otherwise for the increased range of expressions and movements that it would come with—and I’m sure I must be the only student in all of the classes who chose a serious character over cute or funny, not very common in Western animations it would seem. :( I noticed that a lot of Disney owl characters were similar in that they were portrayed more as real owls which I do appreciate; I wondered if I could make mine a little special, unique, easily identifiable. A former student from previous years had created a male barn owl dandy wearing a simple but effective vest with a tail instead of a real tail and looking very regal (needless to say I fell in love), which made me wonder if anyone else had come up with a dandy owl character before as it seems so fitting.

I chose the well known great owl for its feather patterns that would help define my character and the proud personality the face seems to portray. Many real owls have a tuft of feather around their beaks that always reminded me of moustaches, so that was definitely a feature for my character. (It’s also inspired by one of my dearest friends who sports amazing facial hair. ^.^) I know owl faces are shaped around their eyes, thus adding a monocle would not be very noticeable, but what is a dandy without a monocle? The brown top section of his head and the tapering shape of his “ear tufts” (trivia: “ear tufts” that stick out of some species are not ears at all but merely for display) are to simulate a top hat. (I figured adding an actual top hat [a cane too] was too much and frankly impractical, especially when he flies—after all, he’s still a bird and not human, just humanoid.) The white fluffy feathers around his neck are to look like the white ruffles on aristocrat attire. The brown body and tail are to represent the dandy vest, the crescent golden feather patterns the buttons; the brown flowing wings suggest sleeves; the white feather tips are like gloves; and the black claws already imitate the gorgeous spectator shoes. X3

Introducing Hubert von Clackenbottom, Esquire (he’s very picky about that last part, so address him appropriately), the owl, the dandy. Trained in the European culture of art, literature, music, dance, and academics in math in science—next stop, the East—he is one from whom to seek knowledge and insight. Don’t mistake his dignified manner for haughtiness. He treasures life and all of its wisdom and finds it beautiful, eager for education, and strives to live life to the fullest and most beautifully, therefore his very manner and movements are elegant at whatever he does, as can be seen from the silhouettes. (I must say I love the legs.) But often he is misjudged by others and made fun of, which catches him off guard and leaves him stuttering. D: (Think of the scene in the movie The Sword in the Stone when Archimedes jumps in reaction to Wart thinking he was a stuffed owl, the surprise followed by the anger.)

I had worried so much—researching to no end—about what kind of owl character to bring to life before I finally made a breakthrough and found Hubert von Clackenbottom—oh, pardon me, Esquire. I’m so glad my professor, a former Disney employee, noticed all of the little things I had in mind. ^__^

Done in Photoshop.
Completed in 2013 March 2.
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July 27, 2013
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